We want to help you understand the process of activating or linking, your property management software to HomeAway. Let’s walk through each step required for activation and the team members that will be assisting you.  Please note that the entire activation process can take up to three weeks, depending on the property manager’s readiness, responsiveness, and engagement during the process.

This process begins once you have a signed purchase order as a result of initiating the activation project with the Partner Success team.

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Partner readiness and appointment setting

You’ll be contacted by a Pre-Implementation Specialist, who will conduct a screening call to confirm the details, such as:
  • Minimum content needed for listings (see below)*
  • Number and type of listings
  • Your HA account username
  • Brand of software
  • Payment processor (if you accept online payments)
  • Enabling HomeAway as a channel partner
  • Rental Agreement and Cancellation Policy
  • Credit card information for our pay-pay-booking commission payments (if applicable)
Important notes for this step

*If the minimum content is not completed, your project will be paused at this time. Minimum content is necessary in order for your listings and online booking to work on our sites.

The Pre-Implementation Specialist will discuss an estimated timeframe for your project to move to an Implementation Specialist.  Please note that timeframes can vary and are dependent on demand.  If you have questions about current timelines, please contact your Account Manager.  

When your implementation appointment date arrives and an opening is available, your Pre-Implementation Specialist will contact you and assign you to an Implementation Specialist.  You will receive these details via email. 

You’ll also receive an estimated timeframe for the start of your project. The timeframe may vary based on demand. Contact your Account Manager for current information on timelines. When your appointment date arrives and a spot becomes available, your Pre-Implementation Specialist will send you a project assignment email with the name of your Implementation Specialist.

Project kickoff

Within one or two business days of being assigned to an Implementation Specialist, your he/she will reach out to you via phone or email. They will confirm or schedule a call to confirm the following:
  • Minimum content requirements for listings
  • Payment processor information
  • Cancellation and rental agreements
  • Saving listing information in your software
At this point, the Implementation Specialist answers any additional questions you may have.

Account preparation

Steps performed during this stage will ensure that your listing information, rates, calendars, and reviews are configured appropriately.  This will include:
  • ID mapping for existing listings on HomeAway to match properties that are already in your software
  • Account consolidation (if necessary) for customers who have multiple accounts on HomeAway
  • Account set-up for new customers (if necessary)

Feed enablement and testing

When activating your listings feed, Online Booking is required. During this step, the Implementation Specialist will:
  • Enable the feed from your software directly to HomeAway
  • Explain how to troubleshoot any errors after activation
  • Explain that all future listing updates must be made in the software
At this point, the Implementation Specialist and Property Manager will work together to generate a test booking. This is done to ensure that the booking is created successfully and the property manager will then need to cancel the booking in their software. Please be careful to keep test bookings to a minimum as cancellations can impact your conversion.

Requirements for Online Booking
  • Credit card processor: Method needed for processing traveler credit card information. This information is sent from HomeAway to your software. Currently, credit cards and invoice payments are the payment methods used between travelers and Property Managers.
  • Accurate feed of rental rates and calendar information: To use integrated online booking, rental rates and calendars must be sent from your software.
  • Approved payment method for PPB listings: If publishing Pay-Per-Booking (PPB) listings, you will need to provide an approved method of payment for commission charges. Property Managers in the EU are required to use a credit card.
  • Booking & feed information: Booking information is the only data sent back to your software from HomeAway. Listing content runs on a one-way feed from your software to HomeAway. In addition, all content in the Dashboard will be overwritten by content sent from your software (like photos, descriptions, headlines), unless it has been configured otherwise.

Partner training

Once your feed and Online Booking have been enabled, the Implementation Specialist will set up a live demo of your Dashboard. This may include the following areas:
  • Incomplete and unassigned listings (if applicable)
  • How to enable new listings
  • Pay-Per-Booking (PPB) statements, transactions, etc. (if applicable)
  • Marketplace feed
  • Ranking Metrics
  • How to contact the dedicated support team for integrated Property Managers 
The entire activation process can take up to three weeks, depending on the Property Manager’s readiness, responsiveness, and engagement during the process. 

For an overview of the process, please see the PDF linked to this page.