Travellers can cancel their booking through their traveller account if they are eligible for a 100% refund. They will receive a refund based on the stated cancellation policy you have set up within the Rules & Policies section of your account.

The refundable damage deposit is also held and later automatically refunded 7 or 14 days after check-out, depending on which option you select. If damage occurs during a stay, you can claim all or a portion of the refundable damage deposit prior to the 7 or 14 day period ending. You will receive an email reminder the day a traveller checks out to take action if necessary.

If you require both property damage protection and a refundable damage deposit and have a pending eClaim with CSA, the refundable damage deposit will be held until the eClaim is finalised. You can check the status of your claim through the eClaims system. After a final decision is made on the eClaim, the refundable damage deposit drop-down menu will appear. You will then need to take action to either refund or withhold funds.