When do I have to pay HomeAway commission?
You have access to your monthly statement in your dashboard for all stays completed in the previous month. You will be billed monthly at the account level during the first week of the month where stay was completed in prior month (e.g. invoice on September 2 will cover all stays completed from August 1 - August 31).

Do you provide a monthly statement for the upcoming months including all commissions that are due?
We provide a monthly statement of all bookings and invoices. It will include ID, Property Number, traveller name, rental amount, commission rate and commission amount (additional fields may be added based on customer feedback).

Do you provide installment payment options for commissions?
No, we do not support installment payments for commissions. All commissions due will be charged once a month.

How can I pay my outstanding commission invoice?
Please make a Bpay payment using the biller code and reference located at the bottom of your monthly statement. If you cannot locate your statement, please contact Customer Support by clicking the Contact Us button.