Trip Boards enables you to find your ultimate vacation rental by letting you save, organise and compare all the places you love. You can even work with friends and family to find a perfect fit for your next vacation.

Creating your first Trip Board
  1. Log-in so you can view the Trip Board on other devices.
  2. Click on Trip Boards (or Boards in the app) from the menu at the top; a short tutorial will open.
  3. Name your Trip Board and click Create.
  4. Perform a search to find properties to add to your Trip Board.
Add and remove properties

Select the heart on the property listing that you would like to save. You can create a new Trip Board or add the property to an existing Trip Board.

Click the heart on the property listing again and it will be taken off your Trip Board.

Planning with friends and family

When logged into your traveller account, you can invite family and friends to help find the perfect property.

Friends and family you add to your Trip Board can:
  • Add properties to the Trip Board
  • Vote on favourite properties
  • Comment and share their thinking
To add friends and family to your Trip Board
  1. Log-in to your traveller account.
  2. Click on Trip Boards (or Boards in the app) from the menu at the top.
  3. Select the Trip Board you wish to invite people to use.
  4. Click the Invite friends icon at the top right.
  • On desktop and mobile browser, you’ll get a shareable link to send to friends and family via email or favourite messaging service.
  • On the traveller app, you can directly e-mail or text the invitation.
In order to join your Trip Board, invitees must have or create their own Traveller Account.

To start a conversation with your group:
Chat is only accessible via the app.
  1. From your Trip Board, click on the chat bubble and invite friends.
  2. You can see icons of who is in a chat session at the top.
  3. Messages are time-stamped and have a picture or the initials of the person that sent it.