Our two-way review system allows travellers and owners to rate their whole experience after the holiday is completed.  

Property reviews from past guests help travellers to confirm that a property is truly as described and helps them to
feel more confident booking. Reviews that are left by other guests allow a potential traveller to gain instant trust with the owner. In addition, owners want to make sure they can trust their potential travellers and are comfortable with them staying in their homes, so owners are able to submit a rating of a guest that has booked their property.

We want to make sure that all reviews on our site are unbiased and truthfully reflect the experiences. This is why our two-way review process ensures that travellers and owners cannot view each other’s rating before it is live and prevents them from editing it afterwards. 

How it works:
  1. After the stay is completed, owners and travellers will receive an email with a link that asks them to review their experience. Owners will also see a card in their marketplace feed to review their guests. Travellers can also submit reviews through their account within the “My Trips” section. Reviews can be submitted up to one year after checkout, or until one partner initiates the review process.

  2. Once one party submits a review, the other has 14 days to complete their review. Neither party will be able to see each other’s ratings during this 14-day blind period until they both have submitted the review. This means that honest opinions can be shared in confidence.

  3. Once both parties have submitted their review or the 14 days are up, neither party will be able to edit what they have written. If only one party reviews the other within the 14 day period, the submitted review will go live after 14 days. The non-responsive party will no longer be able to submit their review.

  4. If the reviews meet our content guidelines and have been approved by us, we will publish them. At that point, owners and travellers can access their account to see the rating provided.

If an owner or traveller changes their mind and want to remove the review that they have submitted, they can contact our Customer Service team and ask to get it removed. However they will not be able to resubmit a new review because they have been able to view their counterpart’s rating and we want to make sure that we keep this process fair.